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Common Future is Awarded the Skoll Award for Social Innovation

Our organization has come a long way. Once outsiders as first-time attendees of the Skoll World Forum, three years later we are recipients of the prestigious 2022 Skoll Award for Social Innovation.

Authors: Rodney Foxworth, Board Secretary and former CEO

We join a community of fellow awardees, past and present, who are tackling the most pressing issues of our time around the world. They empower family caregivers in India and Bangladesh, democratize tech in the United States, track deforestation in the Amazon, create jobs for young people in South Africa, and more — all grounded in commitments to justice and innovation. This year, a focus on our interrelated crises of climate, health, democracy, and societal inclusion, serve as a reminder that there is no future unless we pursue one together.

It gets to the essence of who we are at Common Future. Acknowledging that our fates are tied to one another, we are ready to bring our unique approach to addressing economic inequity to the global stage.

We envision an economy where everyone has power, choice, and ownership. Our framework — incubate, co-create, fund, and influence — represents our approach to backing and building ventures that restore community wealth while equipping people across sectors with the knowledge and connections they need to do the same. You see this approach in our recently launched Policy Incubator, our Character Based Lending pilot, our Strategic Grantmaking, and in the many subtle but profound ways that we approach our work differently.

The 2022 Skoll Award for Social Innovation is a testament to the work we’ve done and an investment in the future we’re creating with and alongside folks like you. We’re just getting started and we’re ready to do more, together.

Here’s to the past and the future.

In love and power,

Rodney Foxworth
Common Future CEO

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