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Labor and the Future of Work

In our September newsletter, we explore unionization, four-day work weeks, compensation audits, small business jobs and more

Authors: Cristina Diaz-Borda, Editorial Manager

Across the country, many folks enjoyed a three-day weekend, celebrating a holiday that was established federally in 1894 — which pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. Yet it comes at a time when so much of the American worker experience has been in flux amid the Great Resignation, year three of a global pandemic, and at a time when labor organizing has seen big wins across the country.

As an organization dedicated to building a future where all people — no matter their race and class — have power, choice, and ownership over the economy, how we work truly is an essential part of shifting power and wealth.

This month, we’re honoring Labor Day by examining workplace themes around labor and the future of work. 

In partnership with Reimagine Main Street, we examined small business data and how business performance shapes job quality. We’ve reflected on a full year of four-day work week data, and are sharing applicable lessons for folks interested in embarking on a 4DW of their own. We are sharing our learnings and vision behind our recently completed compensation audit. In the wake of Dobbs, and the corporations being praised for stepping forward to support abortion care, we asked what do we give up by entrusting these actors with our care and if these benefits are even enough. And finally, we examined the recent trends in labor organizing, and how they support economic justice.

With love,
Cristina Díaz Borda

We hope you’ll take this time to reflect with us and share what we’re doing to create a more inclusive economy. Like the stories you read? Share them with your network on social and be sure to tag @commonfutureco.

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