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Meet Common Future’s Brilliant Policy Entrepreneurs.

In the Summer of 2022, Common Future launched a policy incubator—an open and collaborative think and do tank—modeling a new way of working and resourcing game-changing economic policy ideas. Alongside our first cohort of Policy Entrepreneurs — brilliant leaders and innovators in the economic policy realm—we’re sharing our insights with curious individuals and organizations who want to learn from this experiment and replicate these strategies.

Authors: Lauren Paul, Vice President of Strategic Alliances

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“It’s who you know.”

Leaders in power listen to those who wield it: the well-funded, the well-connected, and every once in a while, the well-organized.

In the economic policy world, major banks, asset management firms, and related think tanks define national economic growth strategies. These groups aren’t incentivized to prioritize what matters to most people: inclusive growth, fair markets, and economic security for individuals and families.

It’s time for new, representative leadership to bring us forward.

At Common Future, we’re funding, connecting, and incubating the work of seasoned leaders with bold ideas to transform significant economic policy at the Local, State, and Federal levels.

We’re moving from an “in service of” mindset to a “share power with” motivation. Modeling a new way of working, we’re demonstrating how those with existing power can share it. Grounded, data-driven solutions are amplifying the voices of those most affected by systemic failures — we support solutions that address the root causes of systemic inequities.

Together, we’re designing an economy of shared growth. Join us.

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