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What does it mean to be a Futurist?

We have an opportunity for you to engage with economic justice content in a new way.

Authors: Common Future

We believe that taking action toward economic and racial justice starts with believing that a better economy and world is possible. 

As Mariame Kaba aptly writes, “Hope is a discipline.” And we want to give our community tools to practice that discipline.


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We also know that alongside our programmatic work—community wealth building, accelerating entrepreneurship, and influencing toward systemic change—we also need to educate everyday folks on the barriers that people of color face in our current economic system, and what’s being done in communities across the country to break down those barriers.

To help us foster a new community that’s hope-full and radically imaginative, we recently launched a new initiative: The Futurists. The Futurists is a sister brand of Common Future made up of folks whose beliefs are rooted in the truth of the past, and the possibility of the future. We believe that economic and racial justice are possible, and we want to explore what it could look like alongside this new audience.

We invite you to get involved in the Futurists in two ways:

1. Follow on Instagram
2. Browse our new shop


We’re thrilled to bring Common Future’s perspective on how to achieve racial and economic justice to a wider audience, and we hope you follow along. And this is just the beginning—much more to come in 2024!

In solidarity,
—The Common Future team

P.S. If you’re shopping for gifts in the Futurists shop, make sure to place your order by December 4th in order to receive them in time for Christmas.

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