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Community Credit Lab Investment

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Funders and impact investors resource community-led solutions that advance racial justice and economic equity.

We know that the financial system and mainstream frameworks for capital allocation and pricing are designed to extract from communities that are adversely impacted by economic and racial injustice. 

Community Credit Lab (CCL) is an affiliated 501(c)3 nonprofit entity of Common Future. CCL is based in 450 Alaskan Way South, Suite 200, Seattle WA, 98104 with EIN 84-1899948. Questions? Contact Us.

Therefore, we are investing in community-led solutions and funds that:

Increase Access to Capital

Increase Affordability of Capital

Build Power & Ownership

Types of Investments

Lending Partnerships 

CCL works with Lending Partners, community rooted organizations, to co-create the terms and underwriting criteria to pilot loan funds that deploy capital in their communities and provide evidence of the need of new financial products that better serve the needs of communities who are unable to access or afford traditional capital. 

Our Lending Partners directly determine qualifying loans and make referrals to CLL who deploys direct loans to small businesses across the country in historically marginalized communities. Through CCLs back office services, investments are facilitated on behalf of organizations (Lending Partners)

Lending partners lead the front end qualification, underwriting, and make the loan referrals to CCL while CCL adds on necessary state and federal compliance criteria for qualification and originates and services the loans. This allows community organizations who see a capital need in their communities to provide direct and compressive services, while CCL acts as the lender so the community organization does not need to be.

Intermediated Investments

These are investments into newly formed or existing funds that are seeking catalytic capital to seed or amplify their capital allocation strategies for their communities.

CCL Fund lends capital directly to other community-led intermediaries and funds who manage all qualification / compliance criteria for their ongoing lending and investment activities for their communities.

We aim to be an investment model for others in the ecosystem to showcase the type of capital and non-financial resources needed to invest in solutions designing the next economy where all people—no matter their race or class—have power, choice, and ownership over solutions that address the interdependence between building community wealth and preserving or sustaining our natural resources.

Opportunities for Investment:


Participation Form: Promissory Note

Investor or Funder Status: Accredited

Capital Type: Impact First Investment

Contact Us for Latest Information on Terms, Minimums and Return Goals


Participation Form: Recoverable Grant

Investor or Funder Status: Accredited

Capital Type: Catalytic

Contact Us for Latest Information on Terms, Minimums and Return Goals


Participation Form: Grant or Donation

Investor or Funder Status: Any

Capital Type: Philanthropic

Contact Us for Latest Information on Terms, Minimums and Return Goals

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