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Community Credit Lab Investment

Lending Programs.

We support Lending Programs that test equitable approaches to credit.

Lending Programs must address these three areas:

Increase access to capital for communities historically excluded from and extracted from the financial system.


Increase affordability of capital for communities historically excluded from and extracted from the financial system.

Power Shifts: 

Build power, choice, and ownership in and for communities adversely impacted by economic and racial injustice.

Underlying Loan Parameters:

Geographic Remit: 
United States, State Restrictions Apply.

Type of Loans: 
Commercial (Small Business/ Nonprofit) Loans.


Single Loan Maximum: 


Allowable Entities: 

Corporations, LLCs, Co-Ops.

Interest Rate Range: 


Possible Loan Terms:

 Loan Structures

  •  Installment loan—with deferral period + straight line amortization.
  •  Installment loan without deferral period with straight line amortization.
  • Balloon Payment (fixed lump sum 100% payment).


  • For installment or balloon loans: 0%; or Interest can be accrued on outstanding balance.

Interest Payment Frequency

  • With principal (no interest only payments).


  • N/A

Repayment Frequency

  • Monthly; 
  • Quarterly; 
  • Bi-annual; 
  • Annual; 
  • Balloon payment

Repayment Amount

  • Total principal + interest (if applicable).

Lending Program  Offerings:

Lending Program Design

Co-creating lending program concept, underwriting criteria, and structure with the lending partner.

Loan Management

Back office end-to-end loan management from origination to servicing. Compliance management and transparent borrower support.

Reporting and Analysis

Credit reporting to major credit bureaus, data analytics, and standardize partner, investor, and donor reporting. 

Lending Program Timelines:

1-2 Months:

Opportunity Screen: Lending Partner identifies gap in accessible/affordable credit in community and engages Common Future to identify potential lending program to design.

1-3 Months

Lending Program Design: With support from Common Future, Lending Partner designs Lending Program to determine: program remit, structure, qualification criteria and process to center Lending Partner’s community.

1-2 Months

Formalize Partnership: Common Future brings Lending Program to Partnerships Committee for approval and Common Future and the Lending Partner clarify expectations and finalize an agreement. 


Implementation: Lending Partner refers loans to Common Future. Common Future services loans and provides reporting on performance

About You

We work with community rooted organizations that provide direct and comprehensive services to businesses. Lending partners have deep relationships with the individuals and/or businesses they support and an understanding of local and historical financial barriers. 

Our Current Partners Include: 

Interested in designing a Lending Program or Fund?