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Allison Jones

Vice President of Brand & Storytelling


Allison Jones is a Brooklyn-girl living in the Bay Area who is passionate about creating a world where people of color thrive and shine. In a time when many people want to keep their heads down, Allison’s job as Common Future’s Vice President of Brand and Storytelling is to inspire them to stand up. She does this by creating story-driven actionable content and campaigns to paint a vibrant, equitable future that can only come to fruition if everyone takes collective responsibility towards creating it.

Her passion for change has allowed her to spend over 10 years leading successful communications initiatives—from launching a new multimedia publication to overseeing the development of a mobile app—at innovative, high-impact nonprofits. She’s thrilled to work at the intersection of the economy, storytelling, and justice. When not working, you can find her sharing celebrity gossip with friends, making a mess in her kitchen, or exploring her Berkeley community by foot.