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Rakiba Kibria

Vice President of Revenue


Rakiba is a lifelong-learner, master-connector, multi-tasking magician and an overall electropositive personality (seriously, ask anyone!). She is deeply centered around the etymology of philanthropy — the love of mankind. It’s no wonder she’s dedicated nearly a decade of her life fundraising for small and large community-based organizations in New York City. In the span of her career, she’s led $50M capital campaigns, directed 4,000 attendee summits, managed over 200 volunteers for continuous twenty-four-hour fundraising events.

Rakiba is a big believer of the quadruple bottom line: people, planet, profit, equity. She’s hopeful about the power of systems thinking and entrepreneurship to create lasting social and economic impact.

She is a first-gen Bangladeshi American with strong Queens, NYC pride. Rakiba holds a B.A. from American University in International Development and Economics and an M.S. from Columbia University in Nonprofit Management,  where she is also an Associate Instructor for the program.