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Sagried Slater

Specialist, Impact Revenue


As a development advocate, Sagried (she/her) unites people’s principles with the organizations upholding them. Recognizing how her expansive marketing, media, and sales experience generates for the organizations she champions and her own fulfillment, Sagried earned her Master’s in Nonprofit Administration with a concentration in Development. As a mentor, tutor, team leader, and board member, the nonprofit sector has always been Sagried’s heart: receiving Awards of Excellence from Old Pine Community Center in Philadelphia, United Nations of Papua New Guinea, and The Baobab Home in Tanzania, as well as serving as a Climate Reality Leadership Corps Leader and a TED Conferences Circles Facilitator. Prior to the CF acquisition of Community Credit Lab, Sagried served as CCL’s Development & Communications Manager.

With sincerity, transparency, and community-centrism at the forefront, philanthropy is a force to activate a compulsory and symbiotic evolution.

Innovation, Sagried believes, comes by way of interchange and collaboration. She is a Love ambassador and holds steadfast that the most significant way to impact our communities is through social responsibility: the most profound avenues being equity and social justice.


A second-generation Filipinx, Sagried (pronounced “sacred” with a g instead of a c) resides in Oakland and attributes her delight & Heart to family, friends, music, books, art, trees, ocean, travel, Brooklyn, Philly, & breath.