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Backlash Is Here, but Progress is Still Possible

We won’t let racial and economic justice take the back burner.

Authors: Common Future

We want to level with you: 2023 has been a challenging year for those of us doing racial and economic justice work.

Racial justice has experienced cultural and political pushback with full force. From book bans to overturning affirmative action to lawsuits against venture capital funds for Black women entrepreneurs, we’re seeing the effects of a concerted effort to claw back any slight step toward racial equity.

Despite the backlash, and in fact even bolstered by it, we are doubling down on our vision for a world where our economy cares for Black and brown folks—where the systemic factors and barriers that have shaped economic inequality have been corrected, and where people of color have what we need to experience abundance, mobility, and joy.

We work every day to build hope for an equitable economy—not hope based on blind optimism, but an expansive vision for the future, rooted in the truth about our past and our present.

And we’re helping that vision come to life. In 2023 our programs focused on providing access to capital and resources to leaders and entrepreneurs who are actively building a better economy for their communities, and we have much more in store for 2024.

It’s never been more important that economic justice for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color stays at the forefront of our national conversation.  We’re deeply grateful for how this community has stood strong with us, and we can’t wait to build alongside you all toward a Common Future.

If you’re able, we invite you to donate to help us achieve an equitable economy for all.