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Policy Entrepreneurship Webinar: Charting a New Path Forward For Inclusive Economic Policy.

Authors: Lauren Paul, Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Policy Incubator

Over the past several decades, we’ve become very familiar with the term social entrepreneurship — building something from nothing to make the world a better place. At Common Future, we’re trying our hand at supporting a different type of entrepreneurship — "policy entrepreneurship" — a way of identifying and supporting leaders with a vision for transformative economic policy change. Common Future’s Policy Entrepreneurs—Roque Barros, Keneshia Raymond, Bree Jones, and Trevor Smith—are leveraging creative strategies to push forward game-changing work, rooted in their community’s interests. On September 27th, 2022, we convened a session hosted by Common Future's CEO, Rodney Foxworth, and Pacific Community Ventures' President and CEO, Bulbul Gupta, to learn more about their work.