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Character-Based Lending

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the field of investment actually empowered those closest to directly impacted communities to make capital deployment decisions?

To date, our CBL Pilot has deployed over $800,000 to Black-, Indigeneous-, and Asian-owned businesses around the country. 


With our new partner Kitchen Table Advisors: Fondo Solidario pilot, we're advancing the economic resilience of Latin female farmers with intersecting identities. Led by Latina farmers from whom the idea originated, the Fondo Solidario provides quickturn, zero-interest, character-based loans, designed with the flexibility to support applicants as they respond to emergent needs and invest in their businesses.

Learn more about our collaborations with MORTAR, Native Women Lead, ConnectUP!, and more below:

Conventional banking hasn't worked for businesses owned by people of color. But a new network is designed to get money flowing fairly to BIPOC economies.

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